Colleen Duffley Productions
42 Lake Point Drive
Santa Rosa Beach, Fl 32459
phone 214.415.0476
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Why do people hire Colleen Duffley?

Experience, creativity, and teamwork are the backbone of Colleen's business. With a degree in photography and over 25 years of working around the globe photographing people, places, and things Colleen has the experience and creative resources to get the job done.

Because of her passion for photography:

"Getting a shot on film the way my mind sees it... that's my ongoing challenge, and it's what makes me still so in love with a career I started 25 years ago."

Because of technical expertise:

"I consider light my inspiration–it's what made me want to be a photographer, and what still keeps me interested and inspired every day."

Because she's diverse:

"People always ask me why I don't specialize in one type of photography. I believe one makes you better at the other. To me, it's all about lighting and composition: line, shape, texture, and form. Whether it's a car or a beautiful model, the lighting and the composition have to be right."

Because she's a team player:

"Realizing a visual solution to a creative problem is always a team effort. To me, it's about being prepared. When you have all the right tools, props, and people, you create an energy that everyone can work in harmony with. Then you can just let it happen and start capturing it on film. I've always been involved with team sports, especially competitive cycling, and have learned how critical it is to be a team player. Everyone benefits from being part of a good team."

Because she goes beyond just taking a picture:

"We hire Colleen because she's not only a great photographer, she's an artist. She truly brings the story to life for Traditional Home. Yes, the overall shots are stunning, but what is captured on film is much more... it's the story. Colleen shows the designer's, the architect's, the homeowner's personality on film. This is what Traditional Home wants to share with the readers and not every photographer can do this time and time again."

Kathryn Kunz Finney; Art Director, Traditional Home